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I have devoted much of my free time these months to trying to lay the foundations of a project that excites my imagination: creating an isolated environment (an island, just) where I gather things I like.
Without thinking too much about Reality (but with tremendous attention to Realism) I would like to combine the representation of wilder and primordial nature with super-technological and futuristic aspects.

The world of Outerra is well suited for this purpose: the environment is fantastic, the engine manages to support the coexistence of innumerable models without any significant slowdowns, the methods and functions for programming allow "a great deal of maneuver" ... adding A little fancy and research and continuous study to find and implement "ever better" solutions, I thought I could be "at least beginning".

Before presenting the project I have to give thanks:

The first thanks to cameni, who has previewed this work on behalf of the developers and gave her approval.

Then I thank the builders of three-dimensional models that make their work, free of charge, available on free download sites. I would not have been able to build Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon ... I found them on the CadNav site (, worrying about choosing the ones defined: "Free (Personal and Commercial)".

The link to download the mod is this:

And now some descriptions:

The first aspect is the wild and mysterious setting.
This video explains what I mean.

Then we have to include living forms (real, fantasy, current, past ...).
It is important, in my opinion, not to have limits derived from historical or climatic logic.
All that inspires emotion is permissible. If you succeed (and it is not easy) too: surprise and wonder.
The only focus is: do not fall into ridicule!
There are also limits to the most unbridled fantasy that, if passed, can lead to "bad taste".

For now the island is still poorly populated but, if the enthusiasm does not abandon me, it is my intention to add another life.

One thing can be immediately noticed: the lack of Land animals on the move!
The explanation is simple ... I did not realize the difficulties!
Animating a fish or a bird is relatively easy, even if you do not do an accurate job it is enough to wiggle the wings or move the tail to recreate the feeling of movement.
With an animal or a human being things change!
I thought it was enough to put one leg behind the other and swing your arms ...
Now let me explain why in the videos of the great entertainment software companies you see the studios with real actors, black dresses and white balls in the joints, ... a "credible" movement is very articulate, better recorded live than designing mathematical algorithms capable of play it!
This does not mean that it is impossible ... but it requires me to study and search for documentation and examples on the web.
( The first attempts were so ridiculous that they were not yet worthy of publication! )

The final part of the job is to equip the vehicle user to use in the exploration of the environment and thus create a more direct involvement, giving the feeling of "being there".
For the moment I have inserted two of my old models: the sailboat and the submarine (they are in the small bay near the center of the island).But nothing is forbidden to use other models already in Anteworld.

Is still a little .... but there is still (for now) little to see ...
Fortunately, Outerra expects the use of "UFO" mode, which at the moment is the best way to explore the entire environment.

Some little advice:
* Try diving, with the submarine, night (no moon) ... Outerra is amazing ...
* If you are lucky enough to utilize the oculus rift, try to approach the ocean animals of Forgot Island.
You will have an idea of ​​the mastodontic size of a whale and megalodon ...
* You can attend the exit of the bats from 16 to 19 and at the entrance from 6 to 8.
* You can use the individual models of Forgot Island even in other places.
 They have only a limited range of 10 or 20 km from the point where they are positioned.

What to say in conclusion?

I hope this job is fun and enjoyable.
I hope he can convey at least a little of the emotions that have caused me to build it.
I hope his praises are superior to his (yet many) defects to perfect ...

In conclusion
Good Exploration !!!

This is sooooo amazing!  :D :D :D

Wow, impressive amount of cool ideas here   :D
Butterfly, birds and plants following the player was particularly impressive.

One note: to enter the world, I had to spawn the Forgotten Island vehicle (location don't matter). I don't know if there is an other option (at first I though I had to enter an object, like Langdon's multiplayer), but you should add that information in your post.

Really, really great work, and looking forward to see the Island expands :)

My only criticism is that it should be "Forgotten Island", not "Forgot Island". Looks awesome!


--- Quote from: KW71 on July 12, 2017, 05:31:39 pm ---This is sooooo amazing!  :D :D :D

--- End quote ---

Thanks so much.
I'm glad you like it.  :)


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