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A test of Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for character control

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A test of Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for character control over a variety of terrains. Description of the algorithm: Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control.
Implemented by one of our new colleagues, testing both the algorithm and him :)

Amiral Nelson had too much drinks and went on an existential trip, listening 90's garage rock in his Ipod, roaming endlessly in the green pastures.

Seriously, impressive tech :)

Great!!!  :D

Occams Razer:
Cool, and refreshing given our current choice of bipedal character. The mercenary is okay and all, but he's just... stiff.

I did peruse the comments of the YouTube video, and it looks like a current limitation is the ability of the character to perform actions not related to locomotion; i.e. picking up objects, swinging weapons, aiming firearms, etc. So I'd say it'd be a bit before we see this in action. Especially since using it would be tied down by a license.

Still, looks awesome.

How did you get this to work? Can it be applied to off-the-shelf rigged character models?


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