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Can we have a simple light that can be loaded?


Lights only load on vehicles at the moment right?  But could me or someone who knows what they are doing make some simple one I could load and then exit vehicle and then position on static objects real fast.  I'm aware they would not save on exit but could help.

I'd like to piggyback on this thread and ask if anyone has ever made a lantern or street light model, then assigned a vehicle script to it so it can have a togglable light. I tried to do this by copying and pasting code from a car script, but I never could make my lantern glow. I got error messages no matter where I placed the light commands.

If I have one example that works, I should be able to repurpose it to make all kinds of lights, lanterns, lamps etc.  I'm guessing it would require very minimal code for the person who know where to put it. 


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