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terrain anomalies noted


I'm guessing this section is for users to point out things they've discovered which might not be getting generated realistically. You probably already know about everything that could possibly be noted, but just in case, here are a few observations:

1) sometimes streams flow uphill.
((photo removed from dropbox))

2) in places where the terrain is steep, trees often appear to float beside or slightly above the ground
((photo removed from dropbox))

(both of these shots were taken in the Andes)

looks like this one particular type of tree is more likely to "float" than are other types of trees on the same slope:

((photo removed from dropbox))

Yeah, those are just imperfections of the current river and (sprite) tree systems. They have been around for ages and weren't really bothering anyone since Outerra is a continued WIP and we just know that all of that will get fixed at some point :)

This huge piece of land in front of the mouth of the Mar de Plata river does not exist.

territorio ficticio by , en Flickr

solo comentar que holanda existe en Outerra, mucho territorio estaba por debajo del nivel del mar, antes solo podíamos ver agua,, ahora vemos tulipanes

netherland_Holanda by , en Flickr


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