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Author Topic: Batttlezone/Freespace R.T.S Idea  (Read 713 times)

Vampyr Engel

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Batttlezone/Freespace R.T.S Idea
« on: January 24, 2018, 10:34:42 pm »

I hope there will be a free version or free license of this engine from what I have seen this would be right up my street for my ideas I have a Battlezone R.T.S with fighting and flying in space with fighters and massive Space Cruisers and between planets and this engine I think would be cool for it  Also would be cool for a Dungeon Keeper /War For The Overworlds Idea I have especailly if the planets can have deep and massive caves in them.

 I have tried a few engines and currently using Unity but an engine with actual planets as the base would be a Godsend for me I have even a sandbox/survival game and a Space monatary game in mind. Hopefully there will be proper Joystick H.O.T.A.S support as well as well as joystick wheel and pedal support as well? And will there be VR Support? Can you imagine racing around a futuristic planet ? I am thinking about something like Millenium Racers Y2K fighters something like that  I am very i very interested so please can I have more details.

And another thing I  asssume that any A.I would be able to fly around and drive and walk on the planets as well as fly in space?