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engine allways on when placing airplanes in scenery


I am trying to place aircrafts in my scenery and everything seems fine untill I actually get inside the plane. The airplane engine appear to be switched on by default and so the plane actually bumps into the ground immediately. How can I place aircrafts with the engine switched off by default ?

That's probably not because of the engine. When you place objects into the scenery, they are placed as static objects. When you press enter, what actually happens is that the static scenery object is hidden and the same type dynamic object is spawned in its place. You'd have to position the original static object very precisely to not jump once the physics is enabled.

We'd probably have to place the objects as dynamic ones, wait for stabilization & physics pause and only then switch them to static scenery objects.

what about having the engine on but by default set at very low rpm ?

I think the engine should be off by default, brakes on.
But it will still jump when physics is enabled and it's not placed precisely.

OK I'll wait till it will be possible to place planes in scenery so that they won't jump when entering.


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