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error in water

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If it's global you might have changed a parameter somewhere (maybe a terrain one) that mess up with the physics engine. I would suggest to backup your user scenery data and reinstall the whole thing from scratch, to override all the config files  =|

Thanks Acetone.

Note: I had planned to finish the Bodo scenario, and then send it to you for corrections, then I thought it was not worth it, since we expect the update of city data with OpenStreetMap, and I have not continued the construction.

I could work a little more and if you are interested in the theater send it to you, if you have interest, tell me about it, and so the community can share it, I do not dare without someone having cleaned it, will not be creating problems in your pc


erase outerra and I made a clean installation. and the problems are the same, you have the same mistakes, it's a strange thing, and I think the problem is not mine.

small cracks
that tendency that we all have of looking for small defects :)

This is a well known specialty of the latest update. :)


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