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Abandoned on mysterious island

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Here is my first trial to build a scenery. Scenery is located in island "ilha de paqueta" in rio de janeiro bay (Guanabara Bay) in a wonderful landscape.

Credits: the scenery includes MODs from the following developers: andyfly, Levi, morikubo, pattmarnnc, PytoPago

INSTALLATION WARNING ! by installing this scenery several MODs of these developers that you may alleady have installed in your outerra packages folder will be OVERWRITTEN by the ones included in this scenery, meaning that if you have newer versions of these MODs or modified by your own these MODs you will LOOSE your original MODs !!!  To prevent this please backup your user/outerra/packages folder before installing the scenery !!!
(note: before installing open the otx with an unzipping software such as Winzip or 7Zip to see which MODs are include in the scenery)

What is the scenery about:

Imagine to be abandoned on a desert island, or rather one that at first sight appears to be desert. While you need to start of course to build your first shelter, then your first house and water storage tank, windmill  etc and start exploring the island, you discover some mysterious objects that hint to presence of other inhabitants of the island, present or past. As you explore deeper you will find more abandened objects, weapons, etc. and if you search enough even some documents and maps that should increase your curiosity giving clues to the mystery of the island. Some of the objects may be used to build other objects (fences, shelters, etc..). using the sailboat you should explore the nearby smaller islands and further finding the nearest airport. Here you are free to imagine how to go to the next "game level" (still to be build).
This was the idea - coming from playing MYST  - but since it is my first trial to build a scenery I have stopped at some very early point and so at present it remains just an idea that might be eventually worth to build on for a game. Any feedback from you (especially negative) to know if installation works and what you think about my scenery is more than welcome so that I can improve and or correct it.

download the scenery from dropbox at this link

I just paid a ticket to go to your mysterious beach and I do not see your furniture ??? I think I will complain to the travel agency.  I downloaded your .otx file but I'm not sure what to do next? ::)

Ilha by , en Flickr

I have just now updated the file as I realized that I had forgot to include packages. I verified that installation now works correct for me and includes all features of the scenery. Some more "teaser" images from the island.

I liked the mod, in its simplicity it managed to express the sense of the exotic, of the adventure, of the mystery and the desire to explore to discover everything that is on the island.
I really liked the dirt roads, the windmill and the various objects scattered here and there.
The sign of the park with the prohibition of alcohol ... with some ugly faces around and with the weapons available ... it was right!
The coolest thing ? The big armchair next to the isolated house.
The true meaning of what tranquility and dream mean.

It is an honor that you have included many of my models, but ...

   BUT ...

You did not realize a very important fact.

You acted in good faith, I certainly do not blame you and do not feel reprimanded, but it is right that you know what you have caused because, possibly, no longer occurs.

You have distributed models not owned by you without notifying their owners ...

This is not a claim of copyright: I am the first to say that, when you freely distribute software, it is stupid, later, to claim it in any way!
The problem is another.
Outerra changes continuously and, in the succession of new versions, methods and functions change.
It happens that a model, working at the time of its publication, then does not work anymore.
It also happens that a modder, to run a model again or to add new features, return to work on an old project by modifying the command script and getting better operation ...

I never imagined that an otx would overwrite a good number of my old models, reporting them at the time of their publication, and erasing, in a moment, all the improvements made and canceling work days.

I should have saved my work in a different folder ... but I did not really think about it ... I believed that my personal file remained ... personal.
Fortunately, my current interests are addressed to other new implementations and I do not have many regrets for the jobs of the past (I hope it is the same thing for the other modders involved), so, for me, there are no big problems.

I repeat: I'm not going to scold or make you feel guilty.

But it is right to highlight the problem.
I hope that in the future, before distributing a mod that could modify the projects of my personal folder,
at least have the courtesy to notify me!

I also hope that this inconvenience does not hold back your initiative and your desire to continue building on Outerra.
It's a wonderful world and deserves dedication.
The results can be very satisfying!

aaargh ! Noooo ! I couldn't imagine such a tremendous damage. As we rely on your phantastic mods and wait impatiently for new ones or improvements this makes me feel like killing by accident my best friend ! I hope you have saved backups of your work at least at some stage outside of the outerra folders ! Your work is the basis for ours and damaging you is making me feel really sorry.
 I imagined that if someone has installed mods by installing "my" scenery containing mods installation would eventually overwrite these but I assumed ingeniously that everybody uses your mods as they come downloaded from your archives posted in outerra so that it would actually not make any difference. I missed completely that users could "mod the mods" and so loose their improvements and did not think that using your mods you as their developer could risk to overwrite your developments. So next time for shure I will try to notify in the post whose users mods are included and a big WARNING ! section. I will immediatley modify my first post to include the mentioned WARNING. Do you mean I should also personally notify the mod developers ? I will be glad to do so but how ? by private messaging them on the forum ? Sorry but I am not very used to functionalities of forums.
Just an idea for the future for outerra developers: for distracted users perhaps future otx installation procedures should be less automatic and bring up some warning dialogs ! So that such problems cannot happen unwillingly.
For the rest of your comments it is an honour to me that you liked it and gave very kind comments.

I am tremendously sorry for this unexpected "catastophe" I caused and am going to immediatly insert the installation WARNING in my original post and I guarantee that it will not happen again !


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