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track IR support for new outerra version ?

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Is there a way to use track IR with the new outerra version 17.1.09830 ? I tried to use the latest version of the trackIR plugin (tir-trackir-plugin.dll) downloaded from the forum link that worked for the previous outerra version but it does not load and trackIR is no longer working with outerra. Is there a way to get trackIR working ?

Uploaded new build (untested)

Thanks cameni. Now when I place the dll into the plugins folder (where the other dll files are located) it give me no more the "can'l load plugin " error  but still nothing happens. While trackIR is awake and OT.XML is set in the trackIR software as active profile my head movements are not seen in outerra. The mouse is still controlling the view. TrackIR even though active does not seem to be recognized. Am I missing something ?

Hm, it's a 3rd party plugin and I don't have means to test it anymore. Let me check if we made any changes that might have made it stop working ...

When I look at the eng.log file i find this warning
10:03:30.844 INFO: loading plugin: tir-trackir-plugin.dll
10:03:30.845 WARNING: [create] interface creator version mismatch (ot::tracker.create@4104556368)
any idea how to fix this ?


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