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As a flightsimmer I'd like to see some more viewpoint options in outerra, such as flyby view mode and ability to move inside planes,vehicles, cockpit while airplane/vehicles are in motion.

If you use a VR hmd, you can literally physically move inside the cockpit.

Interesting. Unfortunately I don't own any VR headset. Would be interesting though, making these capabilities accessible also via the keyboard/mouse or joystick.

FlyBy would be nice in Outerra.  I have some Topic time ago where i put suggestions and some kind of flyby was one.

I actually just now discovered with great pleasure that when in an airplane (Cessna) by pressing CTRL+V you can switch between different viewpoints inside and outside the plane. Very nice ! Seems to work also on some vehicles (tatra truck) allthough with much fewer viewpoint choices. Would be nice to know if different viewpoints can be set in the javascript file of planes and vehicles.


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