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I wonder. If i take a screenshot from the landscape and that i heavily modify the image in a Photoshop-like program to use it as background images for a 2D game, is it legal? Any copywright issues?

intellectual property refers to creations of the mind
at least that is the definition of WIPO. a landscape of nature ?? Maybe God could claim the authorship.  ^-^

Assuming you are talking about OT renders, not your outdoor views :)

For non-commercial use it's explicitly allowed in our terms, if you use the paid version.
Commercial use requires permission, but usually for indie stuff it's OK.

Yeah, i mean from Outerra, not my outdoor, obviously  ;)

I might use it for an indie commercial project, but it's month, if not years, away from completion.

And yes, i have the paid version.

Guess i'll ask for permission in due time. And just to make it clear, i will give proper credit if a permission is granted.

Thanks for the answer! Really appreciated!


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