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visibility range of emissive textures ?


After having made several models of runway lights, streetlamps and road delineators using emissive textures I found that the distance from which emissive textures are visible seem to depend on the size of the emissive area. Beyond a certain range the emissive texture is no longer visible. Is there a way to increase this range by acting on some outerra graphical settings ?

I found just now that in graphical settings there is a "min object size" parameter and that by decreasing it I can see my small emissive textures from a greater distance. Apparently just by asking the question I solved my problem  :). Anyway it could perhaps be useful to include in future versions a second object size parameter only for emissive objects..while at night we don't care about far visibility of non emissive objects..emissive lights should be visible from farther away.


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