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road delineators with emissive textures for driving at night


After my streetlights and runway lights here are my road-delineators for outerra roads.
They are well visible both during the day and at night as they use emissive textures.

Download from here

Important: for best visibility at night set outerra graphic settings "min-object size" to 2 or lower. I keep it at 1.8.

Here is a demonstrative video showing their usefulness when driving at night.


Install by clicking on the self-installing "road-delineator.otx" file.

To use the delinators open the scenery editor by pressing the F7 key

under "assets" search for "delineator2"

place a road delineator in the usual way as for outher outerra objects, eventually rotating and adjusting its height
above ground.

once placed a couple of delineators on the left and right side of the road select the couple and
copy - paste them by pressing cntrl+V --> contrl+V. Drag to a second location along the road.

note: preferably do the copying in the "follow terrain" mode to minimize need to adjust height of copied poles.

repeat !

To speed up the process select multiple placed road delineators and copy them
as a block by using cntrl+V --> contrl+V
To grab a block of multiple selected poles chose the middle ones close to the center of the selection.

Enjoy !

What about with headlights off?  :P


well done fly77 sure we will look for more utilities ,,
I was adding these poles with different Min Object size values ​​and can be seen up to 310m. that is pretty good
They say that a dark and clear night, you can detect the flame of a candle that is at a distance of 48 km.   :o 8)
The stars of our galaxy that are millions of light years are seen as points in space. But we are also able to see with our own eyes without any instrument, other galaxy distant to ours, such as the Andromeda galaxy that is 2.5 million light years away. It is huge, visually it has a dimension of 6 times the width of the moon ( from our angular arch ) but its photons are weak and we see it blurred and dim
If we take into account that the human eye can have a resolution of 576 megapixels and the best camera has reached 570 megapixels .. even the technology has not exceeded us ,,,, so, if these poles with (Min object size) of 1.8 is seen at a distance of 310 m .. we take it for good. ;)

Why not ?
Slightly modified emissive behaviour of poles. (+ set outerra graphics settings min obj size to 1)Redownload from above.

--- Quote from: Jagerbomber on January 02, 2019, 02:52:54 pm ---What about with headlights off?  :P

--- End quote ---


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