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the grass is the most common on the planet and in outerra it is very well represented, but we need more variety. Many spaces have other variety, and types of vegetation, scrub, In the arid zones of Outerra we only see land and rocks, and it seems necessary to include some more vegetation. like the scrub we see in Texas or the xerophytic scrub of Australia etc.
I would settle for this type of vegetation that we see in this video.


In French Polynesia from outerra, we do not see vegetation ,, However, there should be vegetation, trees, palms, ferns ,.
In my opinion, improving the vegetation in these peculiar and attractive places (Tourist) would give a better visual presentation of outerra, it would improve a lot, increasing its added value.
We know that for now it is not a priority, but we should include it in the portfolio of pending matters and over time recreate it in a conscious, manual and professional way, only then would we show its potential to sell better.

Isla Fare - aeropuerto de Huahine - Polinesia Francesa by , en Flickr

Fare - Polinesia Francesa -Outerra Anteworld by , en Flickr

Yeah, Outerra would be better off with arid scrubs and other forms of non-temperate vegetation! Even without going as far as desert landscapes, Mediterranean vegetation is, and looks, radically different from what you'd find in Britain, Germany or northern US states like Washington. I mean, I've recently been to Cyprus as to meet a couple partners around a project related to the Cyprus investor visa and the surface of the land looks different from what you see in Northwestern Europe, even from a plane flying thousands of feet above the ground.


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