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Terrain anomalies St Johns Harbour Newfoundland


Hi hope im in right section of the forum but I have noticed a large hill or  in the centre of St Johns Harbour ,Newfoundland  pics are below , Is there anyway to fix this or do i use the terrain tools?  and

Position   :  47.562256, -52.704122

I also have some shape files of building positions as well as vegetation files on Newfoundland , is it possible to position a large amount of buildings the one time using this geographic data or does it have to be implemented on your end? Been using Outerra since the start and watching how its evolved and I got to say its impressive and I will continue to enjoy it.

The shapefiles i have display alot more building positions. I use Global Mapper for my geo files.

Oh, they brought Photobucket back, did they....

F7 + L (draw rectangle with right mouse button)

Thanks , knew about terrain levelling just wondering if its was fixed permanently thats all. 


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