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Placing custom sound sources for sceneries ?

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As visually very beautiful sceneries can be built in outerra I wonder if it is somehow possible to place custom made sound sources in a scenery, playing sounds of chosen type in a distance range around an object or point in the scenery. This would add a lot of enjoyment to user built sceneries ! If not possible presently it would be nice to have this as a tool in a future editor.

Among the possible methods of defining the origin of sounds in Outerra exists:

--- Code: ---/// set source ECEF position once it's used source always be using ECEF

    void set_source_ecef( uint source_id, const double3& pos );

--- End code ---

I've never tried to use it but it would seem the right answer to your question ...

Thanks andfly. I will try it.

Hi andfly ! Thank you very much for your hint !
In fact with the command you suggested it is possible to precisely place custom sound sources wherever you want.
Actually you can use the scenery editor to choose the locations (ecef's) where to place sound sources and then set for each source the volume and attenuation distance
in a single javascript of a "soundscape controller object" spawned wherever you like.

Once launched the controller object all custom sounds in the scenery will be active ! very simple and effective and
result are really great !  =D =D =D. A demonstrative video of a simple scenery near tortoli sardinia is below. (no sound editing ! all sounds are "in-game")

Sound activation could probably even be programmed if one could figure out somehow what action is taking place in a scenery (don't know how to do that. maybe lua script ?)

Now I just need some code polishing and then I will release the "soundscape controller" object to share it with everybody for easy use.

Well ... this is going to be fun.
you will explain how this works, and how sounds are added ??, just missed the birds of andfly
a great contribution .. thank you friend for the fun


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