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Placing custom sound sources for sceneries ?

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Hi aWac9. Yeah for sure I will make an instruction video and explain it all very simply. Hope to share it soon and then can't wait to see and hear ! what a talented scenery builder makes with it  ;) keep on your great work!


--- Quote from: fly77 on February 10, 2019, 10:48:36 am ---Hi andfly ! Thank you very much for your hint !

--- End quote ---
I'm glad you found my advice useful.  :D

As for connecting the sounds to the actions that take place in Outerra ... it becomes complicated.
Unfortunately, I have not yet foreseen (to my knowledge) empty global variables, available to users, to be used to recognize the carrying out of personalized actions.
It is certainly possible to create "personal arrays", in C ++ language, by writing a special plugin ... but this goes beyond the normal practice of those approaching Outerra and using Javascript.
(You can still go deeper into the topic by reading the posts in the PLUGIN section of this forum).

However ...
I can suggest you a trick I have already used successfully in the past.

Outerra already has global variables that serve to define the characteristics of the general environment.
These are the values ​​of the fog level, the forests, the snow etc ...
They are all "float" values ​​and can be read and set, as desired, by script commands.

Apart from some "delicate" parameters there are several in which the last decimal digits are not particularly important.
It is therefore possible to change these digits and use them as customized "flags" to define an action.
No user will notice this insignificant variation.
Writing and reading can be done by different scripts and you would get the desired passage of information, very limited, but anyway ... better than nothing!

It is clear that it is a "dirty trick", and one should not abuse it.

To solve an immediate problem, however, or for a particular need, it could be useful!

Understood !  Thanks andfly for your insight and for giving this trick !  I will experiment with it, to explore the "game" character that can be given to outerra. Of course sharing whatever I achieve.  ;)

finally here is my post giving download link for the soundscape tool to create your own sound landscapes and detailed explanations on how to create them

practicing with the soundglobal by fly77


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