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Author Topic: Bodo (Norway) scenery from aWac9 now available for download !  (Read 5188 times)


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Bodo (Norway) scenery from aWac9 now available for download !
« on: February 02, 2019, 08:20:47 am »

I have the pleasure to share here with you (see download link below) the extraordinarily beautiful and extended "Bodo" scenery, 
created with love, creativity and lots of attention to detail and correspondence to reality by aWac9 apparently in years of work and with incredible patience.

The scenery reproduces Bodo, a small nice city having about 50000 inhabitants, located in the north of norway just beyond the arctic circle in the midst
of beautiful fyords and icy mountains and islands, not far from some reknown locations such as the lofoten islands 93km 315ยบ (NW) from Bodo.

It is an honour that I could recieve this scenery from aWac9 and we agreed that it should be a great contribution to share with the comunity.

This scenery is for earth2 ! meaning that when entering the outerra startup window you need to choose planet "earth2" and not the present "earth7".
Don't be mislead however... while it doesn't use the latest earth7 the realism and detail of the scenery greatly outperforms the default earth7 scenery !
In my humble opinion it sets a landmark and target of correspondence to reality for cities for future outerra versions, that we hope will be matched or exceeded.

The scenery at the moment requires at least 3 Gbyte of space on your outerra installation drive.
Another limitation could be that you might notice a drop in framerates because of the sheer amount of buildings and some very detailed models placed in the scenery.
So you eventually will need to experiment with the outerra settings.

Here are some videos showcasing some parts of Bodo and surroundings to wet your apetite :-)

The scenery has been created by aWac9 by using lots of great outerra models created by numerous users. They include lots of great models of buildings, urban furniture, vehicles, trains, some boats and plane models, lights, etc.. collected over the years downloaded from the forum. Note that by installing the scenery only a small area of few tens of km around Bodo will be affected leaving the rest of your earth2 data untouched. Earth7 is not touched at all.

Installing the scenery requires that you have all the models (packages) used in the scenery installed.
Since many of them are quite old and are now difficult to find this is highly unlikely.
So you need to download and install some or all of the models used in the scenery from the archive below.

In agreement with aWac9 we included in the archive only models that were originally obtained from downloads from the forum
to not violate anybody's rights. Because of this limitaion when launching outerra you will get probably
a number of error messages indicating that some models could not be found.
This will not affect the functionality of the scenery, but just means that these models will not be in the scenery.
By the way as the scenery was still in development some areas only show building footprints.

The list of models and their creators is given in the readme file in the download - as it is too long to be posted here - and all the credit goes to them.
Have a look at the list to verify which models you already have installed.
Note that for each package in the list not all models in the tree are in use in the Bodo scenery.
Which ones are in use is actually hard to say now. This is why the whole package is given.
This also means there is probably much more in the archive than is actually seen in the Bodo scenery.

The models are provided as an archive for manual installation so that you can choose which to install and which not as there is no guarantee
that the models provided are the most updated or functional versions. Most of them are used in the scenery as - lets say - "decorative objects",
even though some vehicles are still driveable and planes flyable. In any case they are great "decorations" for the Bodo scenery and for that matter for any scenery.

As the models had been posted previously for download on the forum I hope we are not violating anybody's rights. If we included by mistake models that you don't like to share any more or shouldn't be shared any more please notity me and aWac9 and we will remove them from the archive. The models are reposted here mainly for the purpose of enabling the Bodo scenery but I think they could be used also as an useful
"historic archive" (sort of museum) of outerra models, very valuable for present and future scenery builders.

A big word of caution regarding installation of models is apropriate here :

If you have any of the below listed models already installed probably you don't need to install them once more.
Installing the version provided in the archive overwrites yours and might leave you with an older version of the model. Also it will overwrite any changes
you might have made to the model as the original creator or user to improve its functonality or aspect (modification of javascript or textures or sounds or whatever)

So backup the following folders (which contain respectively user models and default outerra models) before copying any of the models provided below !
C:\Users\...username...\Outerra\packages                               contains user models

C:\Program Files (x86)\Outerra\Anteworld\packages\outerra              contains default outerra models

Also backup


which is the folder that contains information on object and road placement of outerra.

Download the scenery from here



installation is done in 3 steps:

1) install "user-packages"

Make a backup of the folder C:\Users\...username...\Outerra\packages    !!!!!

The list of user models, grouped by outerra user name, needed for the scenery and available for download in the folder "user-packages" is given in the readme file in the download. Have a look at it !
For installation copy all or part of the contents of "user-packages" into the folder C:\Users\...username...\Outerra\packages. No need to copy models (packages) that you already have.

2) installation of other packages

Make a backup of the folder   C:\Program Files (x86)\Outerra\Anteworld\packages\outerra   !!!!

The list of models who's creators are unknown to us, needed for the Bodo scenery is again given in the readme file in the download. Have a look at it !
For installation copy all or part of the content of "root-packages" into the folder   C:\Program Files (x86)\Outerra\Anteworld\packages\outerra. No need to copy models (packages) that you already have.

3) install the cache file which contains info on the object and road placement of the Bodo scenery in a small region some tens of km around Bodo

make a backup of the folder  "C:\Users\...username...\Outerra\cache"  !!!

Copy the folder "cache" form the download into  C:\Users\...username...\Outerra\
Accept overwriting the earth2 cache file. The overwriting will only concern a small region some tens of km around Bodo
leaving the rest of your earth2 data unaffected. It will not affect at all earth7.

Access the Bodo scenery by the F2 key by typing bodo norway

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Re: Bodo (Norway) scenery now available for download !
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2019, 10:22:15 am »

bien hecho Fly77, buen trabajo..


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Re: Bodo (Norway) scenery from aWac9 now available for download !
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2019, 10:38:32 am »



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Re: Bodo (Norway) scenery from aWac9 now available for download !
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2019, 12:17:08 pm »

A huge and incredibly wonderful job.
For a long time the films of aWac9 had made appreciate the care and the meticulousness of his way of building landscapes but now, having the possibility of direct exploration, it will be possible to experience it in "first person"!

Thanks to aWac9 for sharing this beauty and ...
Thanks to fly77 for the great job of optimizing packages to install and detailed explanations!
 :D :D :D
I do not know the English language. I use Google Translate. I hope it's all understandable.