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Tool for creating custom sound-landscapes (soundscapes) for outerra


It is a pleasure for me to share here with you my "soundscape tool" for outerra.
With this tool you will be able to add any type of custom sounds to outerra at any given place and time and make these sounds play depending on time of day, windspeed and rainfall. Also random timing is possible.

This allows adding a new dimension of realism to outerra, both to natural landscapes and urban environments, at least locally.

Example soundscapes are provided included in the tool for the  locations of Tortoli, Italy (a small beach resort in sardinia island) and for the incredible scenery of Bodo town (Norway) by aWac9. 
The "visual part" of these sceneries is available for download here and here

Demonstrative videos of the provided soundscapes in Tortoli and Bodo are here

and here

Download the soundscape tool from here:

Installation: click on the self-installing soundscape.otx file.

Note:  for best results with the provided example soundscapes set the sound volumes in outerra to 100% ambient sounds and 50% vehicles sounds. Also enable binaural audio as it gives directionality to the sounds.

To activate the included soundscapes go to Tortoli in outerra, by pressing key F2 and typing "tortoli italy". Go to the harbor and look for the "soundscape boombox". Enter it as you would do for a vehicle  and exit it again (the "soundscape" tool is based on a vehicle script). You should hear new sounds. If not change the time of day and weather conditions untill you hear the new custom sounds. Move around along the coastline, starting from Tortoli harbour southwards to Tortoli airport or northwards to the small island in front of the coastline a few km ahead. Alternatively spawn a soundscape boombox from the F3 vehicles menu wherever you like and move around the Tortoli coastine to listen to the new sounds. Allways  keep in mind that time of day and weather conditions do affect which sounds are active. So eventually try change these.
Consider for instance that beach parties will only start late in the evening, traffic may be reduced during "siesta" hours in the afternoon, etc.

A detailed instructions video on how to create your own soundscape using the tool is here.

Enjoy !

thanks fly77, I will try to practice .. this can be fun.
regards ;)

Thank you aWac9 for your intention to try it out. Its not complicated. Basically it as about copying ECEF coordinates from the scenery editor to the javascript text file plus some tuning of parameters. You will probably need some time to find out the best values of propagation distance and sound volume so that sounds can be heard at a realistic distance. So its a bit of back and forth between editing the sound parameters in the textfile and checking the effect in outerra. After each change to the text file go back to outerra (which should be kept open allways) and reinitialize the boombox with CTRL+ALT+R.
I'm sure with your talent for scenery building you can come up with some nice stuff. Good practicing !  ;)

Now the only thing missing is bring some of andfly's life to such a scenery. Hope he will continue with his add on environment. I also will try to do something in this field.


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