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it's that time of the year when i came to check if any improvements have been done toward the game.
What a surprise to find just a more polished engine.
To the people who still believe a game could came ot of this engine  :facepalm: : this is a video of a similar project, similar amount of time, one persone working on it, creating his very own game engine. The only difference is that he focused on delivering a game, instead of selling the engine to other parties.

I'm waiting to read your new excuses

good source of inspiration for building a game with outerra. Especially I like the explanations on how he built his game.

But I've been waiting on your game for over 3 years, fooff.  Where is it?


--- Quote from: Jagerbomber on March 30, 2019, 01:23:22 pm ---But I've been waiting on your game for over 3 years, fooff.  Where is it?

--- End quote ---
I'm building no game, and more importantly, I never sold a 20€ promise and made no effort toward it.

Occams Razer:
I'd like to disagree with fooff, but he's right. If the game will have to wait until the world is perfect, there will be no game. To be clear, I'm not miffed that Anteworld isn't shining through. It's that we aren't seeing any real gameplay at all.

The closest thing we've gotten to actual gameplay so far has been the archery minigame, which has a stated goal but A. can't be won or lost, B. can't be finished without closing the program, and C. doesn't make particularly good use of the program's features. It skirts the edge of one of my older suggestions ( about a way to add gameplay without ruining the sandbox experience, but has the additional shortcoming of being un-extendable by the community.

I can wait for a perfect Earth. I can even wait for Anteworld. But I can't wait to actually play something.


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