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Are you sure VBS4 uses outerra engine licence ?

The engine they use seems VBS blue and that one is advertised by them as follows :

"VBS Blue is an innovative new whole-earth rendering technology from Bohemia Interactive Simulations. VBS Blue ingests a wide range of source data and renders high-fidelity, high-performance scenes from space down to blades of grass. In this video, we show geo-specific scenes generated rapidly in VBS Blue. We are leveraging TerraTools technology for rapid, easy-to-use planetary terrain generation and editing.  "

The video presenting the engine looks different from outerra (for instance roads)


With VBS4 they may have changed but on Outerra's contact page they say TitanIM has exclusive license to the Outerra world rendering engine for military applications. TitanIM is run by the owner of BI. It looks very similar to Arma and has roads, ai, etc.  If TitanIM can make a military simulator, so could Outerra.

Thats right

I think you are poorly informed. it is possible that at the beginning of BI (Sec. Australia) David Lagettie (owner today of TitanIM) was related to BI (Prague), but that relationship dissolved long ago .. today they are entrepreneurs with different paths and non-crossed companies .. although It is true that both seek the same military niche.
Bohemia Interactive has been trying for a global theater for years, but neither knows nor can ... and that its military experience is broad. ... far as I know.
Outerra is a unique species to protect and believe me, it has not been easy. It is very cold out there and there are too many sharks.
:) 8)

BISims has world rendering / global theater now. They simply used paged terrain as far as I know. Still, if TitanIM can make a milsim out of Outerra, the company itself could do so, or could partner with TitanIM to produce a consumer version of their military product (BISims used to offer vbs2 in a personal edition for $500). Modders could do the rest much like Arma has with its workshop on steam and player created content.


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