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Looks like the flight sim crown that still think OT is going somewhere are going to abandon ship once this comes out.

hmm...outerra can't beat MS as a flightsim but outerra has - and apparently will have - much better groundlevel simulation capabilities and can do multidomain combat simulation (see TitanIM and microprose's plans) and much more.

Yeh, except they haven't actually done anything with it. I said years ago that others were working on the full earth, this is one of the results. MFS's resolution is 3cm, it's fairly trivial to add some fractal inbetweening to make it look nicer at ground level.

I would think that MS will do more with the 2 petabytes of world data they are using for MFS.

Nice, yes MFS will be where its at, I do wonder if it will have any sort of combat flight simulation going on, maybe a expansion pack. Not looking forward to it being a MS Store exclusive, probably count me out sadly because I mainly use Linux and thus treated like the enemy for most companies :( 

BI-Sim already licenses Outerra's Engine for VBS4. TitanIM is using the same engine. Neither have offered home entertainment products because TitanIM is the guy that used to run BI. No way he pisses off his military buddies and creates a game for consumers. Clearly Outerra has virtual gold on their hands and yet this forum has been up for like 9 years and we are no closer to a consumer game. With the Arma assets from BI studios, they've been able to offer military simulations that include the entire globe. Nearly 50 countries train their soldiers with it. With the popularity of Arma, PBUG, COD etc, there's no reason why Outtera as a company can't kickstarter a video game that is a military simulation for consumers instead of military/governments. The demand for such a game is as high as a game like Star Citizen which made a gazillion dollars crowdfunding. Who wouldn't want to play a battlefield simulator in their home neighborhood? Or try to take over Washington DC against a team of another 100 players defending it? Or have a submarine battle at the bottom of the ocean? Or space battles on the moon? If the engine can be used by Bi-Sim and others, it can be used by you guys directly to make a great game. You just need the manpower and programmers and game asset designers to make it happen. 2020 is the year to crowdfund!  Interestingly, if 50 countries are training their militaries with this engine, Outerra already has tens of millions in the bank account and just isnt spending it on game design. How about some marketing guys on this forum mock up a kickstarter or indigogo page, we'll pay outerra for a commercial licence with the proceeds, hire some programmers and get this thing off the ground.


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