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Game interactions in outerra ? possible !


It's my pleasure to present here an example of "interactions" between an animated character and other objects in outerra.
As an example I've planted some mines in the scenery editor. Then I added to my "wanderer" animated character the ability to detect these mines or rather the mines detecting him   =D.
Look at him doing professional mine clearance !  Other examples such as picking up objects will follow soon.

attentive to evolution  ^-^

he has still much to learn  ;)

To interact with the world we need to be able to make choices.  Menus are a possibilty.

I made some progress with interactivity in outerra and managed to call some methods of an object from another object by first getting a reference to the object by raycasting. I found this works for the methods related to geom of the object like get-joint or move-joint or the like but i could not call any other methods from the retrieved object reference. For instance I could not get working any methods related to lights and also getting properties of the retrieved object reference wouldn't work. Am I just making some mistake or is this a limitation of the engine in its present state ?


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