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Driveable Bridges

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I have the pleasure to share with you (also on behalf of Revolver) some phantastic bridge models (200 m long, 300 m long, 400 m long) created by Revolver to which on his request I added collision boxes to make them driveable. To use them open the scenery editor (F7 key) and under assets search for "Bruecke". You will find three bridge models. Place them where you like. You can of course also join several of them to make longer bridges. To create the ramps use the editor's road tool. Note that sufficiently low profiled ships can navigate through the archs below the bridge.

Download the self-installing .otx files from here.

Here is a short demonstrative video of what you get.

Have fun !

beautiful model, very good finish and very useful ..
thank you very much fly77 and a Revolver
great contribution to the community.

Aw, no more frictionless models.  :))


Friction won't help you a bit with antigravity on!  :P

oha! :o nice job Fly, thenks!  :)


vasilinus glatikus and your's left or rigth hand(?) to have not more friction.  :P ^-^


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