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Author Topic: Bringing back the classic games from Maxis, and other ideas  (Read 4515 times)


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Idea 1: I think we should bring back the classic games from Maxis(RIP).

Ex. 1 SimEarth: Using Outera as the planetary body for the game. For people who do not remember playing the game it was basically a game in which you create a ecosystem for animals to evolve on.

Ex. 2 Sim Farm: Using Outera to simulate weather and region to allow for diversification of plants. This game was basically SimCity but for farms.

Ex. 3 SimIsle: this one I only played once but from what I remember it would be good for the engine.

Ex. 4 Sim City / Cites XL / Cities Skylines /Anno series game
I think it would be fun to have something simmilar to Anno and be able to merge the different years into it.

Idea 2: I am surprised that nobody else said this but Did Miers Civilization 7 this way you can really see who will stand the test of time.

Thank you for looking at this post if nothing else than I hope anyone who reads it can come up with something else that is way better than my better than my ideas that are plausible.