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MicroProse is going to build simulators again -> using outerra as engine! The CEO of TitanIM is involved in the development of the new products.

Contratulations to the outerra team! I hope this opens the door for more resources, to lift this already great engine to the next level.

Well they sure made it grittier looking.

Great news ! especially if outerra development will also benefit from it and viceversa

Micro prose.... Isn't it defunt ?

In outerra's blog, tell who owns TitanIm,,
David Lagettie who in turn bought Microprose in 2018.
David Lagettie (initial founder of Bohemia Interactive BIA) and is currently the owner of the company of Titanim (Australian military simulation company that supports under license to the planetary engine Outerra), although this first game, "Combat Warbirds"/october 2019) that will take off with Bill Stealey (founder in his day of Microprose) and currently owner of Entertainment Network, will use Unreal Engine as an engine.
Although the images are from outerra, it has nothing to do with that microprose game with Entertainment Network.
We hope to hear from you and know if Outerra will be part of a simulator project.
I was wondering ... who can get us out of doubt?


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