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I started flying iEN warbirds in 2000.... I was the only bomber flight leader to get a bomber over the target during 'jet day massacre'...... I was a very active member of the warbirds forum and have actually flown online with Wild Bill... This will go south very quickly unless there's a very strong community involvement that is a partnership of equals between the community and commercial..... So if you're looking for authenticity the community has to be the driver of the content and not these guys.

News from MP....Bf 109 "Emil" Cockpits   :P


Can't deny it's not a nice bit of modeling..... a game however is a lot more besides


--- Quote from: bomber on January 24, 2020, 02:43:52 pm ---Can't deny it's not a nice bit of modeling..... a game however is a lot more besides

--- End quote ---

I know to look at what you mostly, but with eyes of 3dr Modeller, was very interesting this. Still I must say honestly that of the right side of the cockpit proves 3 coarse mistakes which prick themselves already very much in the eye. =|

Let's see what happens. ::)

One of the things that always pricks me in the eye is the amount of paint flaking/damage within the cockpit....

I've sat in a Lancasters cockpit and yes after 70 years of even gentle handling it can look like that, but a plane that's just come off the production line at Castle Bromwich in 1943.... I don't think so.


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