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fbx export from blender with python scripts


I noticed that with the new version when trying to import a fbx file from blender into outerra the following warning appears:
WARNING: The imported FBX file was created by Blender FBX exporter which may have some issues. Please, use OT modified FBX exporter. You can find it in Outerra_instalation_path/tools/blender/io_scene_fbx or
Indeed in some models I get artifacts.

How is this done ? there are lots of scripts in the folder. I guess for exporting fbx I should use the script or

I copied the the the  "" script to the blender python editor and run the script with my scene open, but nothing happens.

Admittedly I don't know how these python files are used as I have never used any in blender. How are these files supposed to be used ? just running the whole script or after running the script (kind of "compiling") calling "something" in the python console ? I guess the latter but what is this "something" to call ? Do the scripts add any new export button ?    Or do I need to copy all scripts and run all of them ?

You just have to replace old FBX importer folder with ours. It should be placed in "Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.xx\scripts\addons" (or wherever your blender is installed). There is a folder "io_scene_fbx" which should be replaced. But it is working only for version lesser then 2.80. In the 2.80 version there are some API changes that are not implemented yet in our version.

Thank you very much !


nice...but I have the impression we can't import such stuff into outerra    :(


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