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TitanIM like game


Hi, i am new to the forum and i just want to say that this engine blew my mind away when i saw it the first time.
I saw TitanIM treilers and gameplay, but after i understood that this will be available only for military use i got upset:(.
I am big milsim games fan(like arma squad), but as i seen TitanIM , i imagined large scale operations with alot of people and combined arms operation(boats, ships,planes) and no limitations in distances(THIS IS CRAZY!!).
Will we ever see game like TitanIM simulator?
I know that this engine is still WIP , but god i will pay 200$ for game like this if will be create in the future.

Apparently yes...and not too far away (maybe)


So, are they going to make flight simulator, or they going to make real global scale combined arms milsim(I hope they will!!!)?

that's what they say on their website:
"microprose future projects covers various development areas including WHOLE of EARTH GLOBAL RENDERING FPS games and simulators"

hope it will become true  ;)

Finally no more flying 10km like in arma maps and another 3km to return to base.


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