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Returning to the little medieval town  I created a few months back. The dirt track roads have changed colour from light grey to reddish brown. Is there a way to alter this?

Maybe a volcano erupted in the mean time.

Seriously, dirt color cannot be uniform across the world, and it is derived from the average ground colors and vegetation index value (basically a % covered by vegetation), with lots of voodoo tweaking.
But since the ground color changes as we are getting better data sources, we have to adjust the formulas as well. I think the problem here is that there are new formulas used with old color data. In any case, this is going to change a couple of times yet ...

Thanks for that - since I use outerra landscapes as background for animated fairytales, I will probably go over to gravel roads as they look more attractive snaking across the landscape and I guess I will have a repeatable colour.


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