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MS Flight 20 - interresting world generator

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I just stumbled on this thing ... kinda strange how the terrain is made : MS Flight 20 - interesting world generator


Terrain making is probably the least strange thing in this new sim. Its just high quality ortophotos plus lots of precisely generated autogen. The more crazy thing is the autogen which seems realistic 3d models (with real textures it seems !) precisely corresponding to real buildings extracted somehow automatically by AI software from bing maps. Also flight model seems really incredibly realistic..as well as real wind and cloud physics..of course it looks also gorgeous.

Most of the footage they showed off is not autogen terrain but "real" photogrammetry (same as Google does with many locations in GEarth). MS is good in tricking their audience: sun is always there where the baked in ground shadows point to. But those shadows can't move with daytime. Don't know how they could overcome this problem. Same with seasonal changes.
May the great AzureAI Cloud Force be with them! :))


 ... the physics look interesting ... like the visualization way of lift.

I hope that besides the 64 bit version of the engine outerra will come up with something "special" in time...otherwise , once this is released by the end of 2020, at least those of us who like flying will be sucked into the new flightsimulator -  be it only to check how it feels to play with it - leaving outerra on the sidelines. At least that's my guess...it will also depend on what PC/network specs are needed to play the MS2020 flightsim. It seems quite probable outerra will never be able to match the photoreal quality of the MS2020 world at least when viewed from cockpits. So that "special" is to be found in other than flightsim. Milsim seems the most obvious choice. Since I doubt that a ready milism game based on outerra will be possible by that time at least there should be some CREDIBLE announcement and maybe some more active "marketing" at some point to keep the interest high in outerra. It is a great engine but it needs to be shown/proven that a game can be made with it as there is allways strong competition. Another thought: my impression is that one of the greatest "special" features of outerra is that it is highly "moddable". maybe this should be made even more easy to make super-easy "modding" part of a outerra based game.


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