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MS Flight 20 - interresting world generator

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This is the closest shot I could find .. green green grass ..not so bad after all ...but not sure if it moves in the wind !  ...and trees look a little less "Blobby". Graphically pleasing but of course its just "graphics" while in outerra everything can be animated and interacted with..as it is a "game engine" not a "flightsimulator engine". That remains a fundamental difference. Also not all houses seem the same.. some such as these seem procedurally generated as in outerra while those in the previous shot seem google maps photogrammetry

I still prefer this shot over billboards.

But of course that wouldn't work if you wanted to go through the forests while on the ground.

I do wonder when the individual tree models (I think?) will come into play like that shot at the end of the video.  Of course they showed them at a distance over a hill.  ::)
Does it LOD from models to the blobs?

So here are two shots from the initial presentation video showing that trees look better and better when getting closer..Kudos to asobo studio developers.


I mean, they had 3D trees in their earlier open world game, FUEL (2009), which I played to completion and way beyond.  I miss it quite a lot.

My biggest concern with the photogrammetry derived rendering (like google 3d maps or bing) is not trees looking like broccoli but the baked in shadows which can not show different time of day. With the screens MS is showing it looks good because they always choose the right lighting conditions matching the invariant ground textures.


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