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MS Flight 20 - interresting world generator

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This is the most impressive video in 4K that shows well how good/(bad in some cases) the sim is as at the moment, Some defects are still related to blobby trees . ..in some places they even seem "extruded"..they will definitely have to do some work there. Also in many cases you can see that the scenery is basically "objects glued on top of photos" as it was before in photoreal flightsims..or at best its the same as navigating google 3d maps in high quality and realtime ...so clearly it will be unuseable as a world simulator....anyway the overall impression from a plane is very impressive and real. Also some basic waves are there.

Time might tell later on though.  Perhaps Microsoft buys Asobo and Asobo gets to work on making it into a game on the ground.

Don't know.

photogrammetry 3D objects look great from far away but from close up they should change into procedural ones. In this shot for instance you have both types and procedural ones look much better (of course) .
Photogrammetry objects just do not look acceptable in any way at such close distances...for instance some fences look like extruded ground....and houses look like they have just been damaged by an earthquake ...not a good idea  :(.

Looks like models are the airport (and immediate surrounding buildings), then goes to photo blob buildings.  =|

New MS 2020 video about the soundscape. astounding !! Gives us some suggestions to implement also in outerra. Besides that the video also shows that 3D grass is moving and that waves are not bad at all and the sea swells with bad weather. Some more close-up looks of trees...showing that they can also look quite good from closer up ! I know I repeat myself but it will be a very tough time for outerra once this comes out. Also using the same scenery for train-simulator, truck simulator or ship simulator probably is more than a possibility.  Immersion is near to total ! the only small critical remark is that the landscapes sometimes look a little too much like photoreal fligthsim scenery (that is photos glued to meshes)...maybe they should add some random fractal noise to terrain like in outerra or increase grass/tree/building draw distance or add some fog.


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