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MS Flight 20 - interresting world generator

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here are some more details on how the MS2020 world looks close up.  While buildings are very good trees and grass look less realistic than in outerra.
Its clear that this is because its meant to be viewed from above, not from groundlevel.

If you're talking about the shot at 4:54, that's not the final in-game look (unless perhaps that look is available for less powerful hardware in-game).  That's just more like Google Maps "3D" (though he says bing, but I don't know where to find 3D on bing maps lol).

The more final trees look a hell of a lot better than Outerra's 2D billboards.  But I still want to see closer shots, which somehow people on youtube who have the test builds have not done yet.  ???  Is there an NDA for showing footage near the ground outside of airports? lol  Or perhaps crashing your plane isn't a thing yet, lol.

well yes that one and the one at 9:04 showing very green grass.  Here is another shot that shows that actually fortunately MS2020 grass is not allways so green ...great !

If trees are the same as google map 3D trees shown below (and from several MS2020 videos it seems it is) then I disagree ..they don't look better than outerra billboards...no tree branches, no leaves ! just "green blobs" ..Looking even more close up they will look horrible.

This shot is a zoom from a MS2020 screenshot...so yes its like google maps 3D trees  . nice from far away but not to nice when viewed from nearby : also houses look the same as in 3D google maps. Not sure how these look from close up. Not so nice probably. Good from far away but not from close up.


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