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Animated windsock responding to weather - release

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It is my great pleasure to release here an animated windsock based on Revolver's 3D model.

Download the model from here:

Installation: just click on the selfinstalling windsock.otx file

The windsock indicates wind-heading and wind-speed according to the following rules.
Also turbulence is modeled to give it a reasonably realistic look when moving in wind.

As the windsock is modeled as an outerra  “vehicle” (not driveable) you can find it under
vehicles menu (F2 key). Once spawned you can change between first person camera view (v-key) and external camera (C-key) ,
but normally you would exit (ENTER-key) the windsock “vehicle” once spawned.
You can spawn multiple instances of the windsock.

Each windsock can be labeled “windsock” by pressing L key before exiting it.
Observe the effect of wind settings on the windsock by changing the windspeed, windheading and turbulence values in the outerra environment/weather menu (F11 key)

Below is a video and some screenshots illustrating the windsock animation and response to weather changes.

Enjoy !

Flyy77 thank you very much .. amazing .. what a beautiful thing .. it is a beautiful detail inside outerra, really spectacular ,, it means making sense of the object ,, and also moves in the direction and speed of the wind. Great.
A beautiful contribution to the outerra community.
What trees with snowflakes is another project? We will be awaiting your release, it looks great.


Thanks KW71...will be even more cool once I finish my random weather generator :-)

Thank you for the very kind words  aWac9.  Animations make outerra more alive  and you can "feel" the do custom wind, water etc.. sounds...that I will release as a separate mod once its completed. Same with my random weather generator...maybe including some unreliably weather forecast  :)). About the winter tress its not mine...its from KelvinNZ and you can download it from here


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