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Here is a simple still somewhat primitive construction kit that may eventually be useful to build walls ot other constructions in outerra using the scenery
editor or you can just randomly place them somewhere to represent a construction site

download from here

The elements included are
a brick
a wood plank
a wall in two variants
a truss
a rock


install by clicking on the self-installing construction-kit1.otx file

to access them and place them in a scenery(eventually building some construction with them using the scenery editors copy/move/rotate functions)
open scenery editor under assests search for

"brick1b"  you'll get a brick
"asse1"    you'll get a wood plank
"wall"     you'll get of course a wall, choose between stone and brick wall
"truss"    you'll get a somewhat rusted steel truss
"rock "    you'll get a rock

Happy construction !

great thanks

If you like to have other elements don't hesitate to suggest 😉

Airport construction trials

looks good


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