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camera view problems when attaching animated driver to vehicle


When I add a "seat" bone to my boat  blender model (or in fact whatever vehicle model ) as desribed here  
I am able to get the "hero" have a seat, which is nice.
In the case of a boat he needs to sit in reverse direction.  I can obtain this easily by either rotating the bone pose in blender or applying a joint rotation in the model JS.
However in both cases I have a problem with the fps camera view when "inside the hero"..its always upside down I tried using fps camera rotation
such as "this.set_fps_camera_rot(...)"   but it seems to have no effect whatsoever when "inside hero view" .
So the "inside hero view"  is unuseable unless he sits in forward direction - which as obvious is not the case here.
Is it possible to get a "camera rotation correction" for the hero when he sits pointed towards -y model direction Or do I just have to insist in keeping rotating somehow the seat joint of the "hero" ?

This is all being reworked right now, with characters as a separate class interacting with vehicles and seats in a proper way. We just need not forget about this type of reverse seats ...

I see. Maybe consider also any other possible orientation in sitting sidewise if I understand right at the moment I can't get the character camera correct in this reverse position. Not a problem. Will update my boat model later when more flexible "character camera" support will be available. Thanks for the answer.


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