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nimitz aircraft carrier for outerra (release)

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For christmas here I share my rigorously unarmed (for now) nimitz aircraft carrier.

It has all the basic functionalities required to have some fun,
do some takeoffs and landings both during day and at night as it has a lighted deck.
In particular the autopilot is useful to keep travelling the ship in a straight line in open seas to practice landings on a moving carrier.
Note that arresting cables, catapult and IFLOL landing systems are not included yet but you can still land a jet on the deck with some skill. I plan to add these features as well as defensive armour to a future upgraded version.

download the carrier from here:

I got the 3D model file from
It is a Detailed aircraft carrier model as used in IL-2 Sturmovik Combat Flight Simulator. Credits: by karlabs , CC-BY licence
Some textures with transparent features use alpha masking but I could not get them to show up correctly in outerra so far.
Any help is apreciated.

- fully equipped with collision surfaces on all important features in particular of course the deck so you can land on it
- different camera views and free movement of camera on carrier while keeping control of it
- night lighting of carrier and runway
- autopilot for straight line navigation
- rotating radar antennas
- extendable blast deflectors

installation: click on self-installing nimitz.otx file

here is a presentation video of the carrier

W: increase forward power
S: break
R: reverse power
A: turn left
D: turn right
space bar:  moore ship
key L:   switch on lighting of deck and runway
key CTRL+B: autopilot keep set speed
key O: extend blast deflector 1
key P: extend blast deflector 2

key C: external camera
key numpad +/-: zoom in/out
key v: first person view cameras, press repeatedly to sitch among several camera points on the ship
pgup/pgdwn : move around on the ship fwd/bkwd along the viewing direction...adjust view direction with mouse.
home/end: move around on the ship left/right with respect to the viewing direction...adjust view direction with mouse.
Enjoy !

Ein tolle Geschenk zu Weihnachten! Danke Marco! ;)


magnificent ,,, well done fly77 .. thank you very much for your contribution to the community .. it is very beautiful.

You're wellcome. Now you can really check your jet landing skills  =D


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