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6. How can the community help? :>

Can we donate or send in 3D models, textures, sounds, music,.. ?

There was a thread about 3D modeling help. The sandbox game will have the ability to import models so people will be able to check how things look in the world. We are looking at how to handle the legal aspects of automatic content replication and sharing, so that once you import a model it gets visible to others visiting the same location.

If you have some vehicle models that could get into the game, that are consistent with the game setting, we would welcome any such suggestions that are or could be made legally in order. For example, a buggy would be useful there, so you don't have to travel everywhere with a heavy truck.

Textures are problematic because we use procedural generation and so there are some specifics. Also the system will change with the introduction of multiple climate and land types. What might help here would be a collection of photos of different ecotypes from various parts of the world that we should ultimately render, but I guess this will take off once people can experience the world and would like to see their known ecotype to be present there.

Possibly update the updates one with the google plus linky thingo? (I figured it would be ok to post as it would get deleted anyway).


--- Quote from: Jak_o_Shadows ---Possibly update the updates one with the google plus linky thingo?
--- End quote ---
Uh, can't parse the sentence :|

I have used my massive brain to deduce that this man wants.....

You to add GooGle+ as a source for updates.

That will be $399 for the translation.


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