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Author Topic: ideas for outerra/anteworld  (Read 3533 times)


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ideas for outerra/anteworld
« on: January 07, 2020, 04:29:32 pm »

I had these ideas recently come to mind and thought they'd be worth putting into Anteworld/Outerra. Obviously they dont need to be put into the game, but should at least be considered.

- A fuel/store system.
It's basically exactly as it sounds. There could be a few default gas station models that would spawn in the place of where real gas stations are marked on openstreetmap's data. You would be able to refuel/repair your vehicle at them and buy items inside the convenience shop (possibly weapons/food/car items/clothes/etc)
There could also be shops spawned in the place of clothing stores and department stores but that might be a bit too much.

Im not sure if this one is even possible, but it'd honestly be really nice to see NPCs walking on the streets, driving on roads, etc.
There could also be animals like foxes/wolves/deer/birds/rabbits/etc populating the forests.

-Vehicle Damage
This one's somewhat self explanatory, basically the vehicle would deform in crashes, lights and windows would break and eventually stop working and catch on fire/explode if you beat it up enough.

Road Signs/Traffic Lights/Power Lines/Radio Towers

Another one im not too sure is possible/already being considered, but, there could be signs on the road like these:

They'd tell you how many miles (if they spawn in the United States) or kilometers (anywhere else in the world probs)
away random nearby cities are.

Route numbers can also be a possibility. A system could read the openstreetmap data and determine if they're on a highway/freeway/interstate (what we call motorways here in the USA if your not from here) and the signs for them would appear like normal US interstate signs:

Smaller roads could have their signs appear like this:

As for power lines most of the larger ones would look like this:

Minor/smaller lines could be like this:

And with the radio towers, since the models for them already exist, they're probably already planned. These would likely spawn at where antennas/radio towers have been marked on openstreetmap.

So yeah, i guess that's all my ideas for now.


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Re: ideas for outerra/anteworld
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2020, 05:49:37 pm »

Nice idea. Maybe as users we can set this up also by ourselfs slowly step by step having apropriate 3d models and improving our outerra programming skills. Will take of course a lot of time but could be an exciting project..not too difficult probably...besides the AI.