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Closed beta of Outerra Tech Demo Alpha has started

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Several days ago we started a closed beta test of the Outerra engine techdemo 1. Initially we took just a few testers, in the second round we have added some more to the current total of 26 testers.

People for the test are being primarily picked from long time active members of our forums. We will be expanding the testing group even further, but only after getting the amount of reported issues down below a threshold, in order not to get ourselves overloaded.

So far the testing goes well, we are receiving automated crash reports and we instantiated a bug tracker as well to keep it all organized. A couple of unexpected issues on different HW&OS popped out, and looks that there's yet another issue with ATI drivers hidden somewhere.

Some of our testers are already letting to run their fantasies about upcoming games wild :-)

This is epic, I can almost feel the gradually closing proximity of a demo!  ;) keep up the good work. ps i know you will  :P

This is terrific news!  This is awesome, guys!  Can't wait to see more of this.

Oh, that's are great news!  8)

Awesome! Here's hoping I get a chance to test... :P


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