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Closed beta of Outerra Tech Demo Alpha has started

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This project looks amazing; an entire planet locally rendered on my pc? That is enough to make anyone drool, anyone who actually appreciates the technological hurdles that is. The possibilities are endless, and i would gladly pay $60 to demo this game rather than on the Call of the Battlefield 3: Modern Combat. Keep up the good work!

outtera pro:
amazing, i saw this amazing engine and i have to say it looks 1000% ORIGINAL. which means it has no garbage graphics, sounds, or effects. GREAT ENGINE :D

Maybe I can help to test engine.
Specs of my PC in signature.

They don't accept people to test the pre alpha anymore ! Read the blodi posts. You'll be able to play and preorder it at demo/alpha release.

dat skyrim-morrowind-outerra


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