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Closed beta of Outerra Tech Demo Alpha has started

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A little question here.
These, who are testing this - could they record a footage of this?

I don't say I test this (I wish I did...), but this is question first to you, cameni, and later to beta testers.

I'm curious how would that look from tester's perspective...

We have a separate forum for the testing itself, where all the bug reports and issues go, but they are now (as from today) allowed to talk about their experience and to post screenshots of stuff that we have already covered on the forums or blog.


The demo is the flight simulator you've already posted some pics and videos, correct?

It's not a flight simulator, it's just an alpha demo of Outerra technology, with stuff that we have shown thus far.

Thx for the reply. Just out of curiosity, can you briefly describe what you can do in/with the demo? Unfortunately I am running on a Mac. So I guess I cannot have a look too soon...


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