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Closed beta of Outerra Tech Demo Alpha has started

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Sounds like this will be showing up sometime soon. If possible I love to be part of the beta, have done game development (models/scripting missions/basic coding) before, even some at university but nothing major or worth hanging on the wall :(

For me I have been mostly waiting for a decent flexible ultra large scale engine to come out and Outerra looks to fit the bill, maybe I will look at indie development in my spare time one day who knows.

Anyway system specs below.

AMD 4x @ 3.6ghz
4GB DDR3 Memory
Nvidia 560 Ti 1024MB Video Card
Windows 7 64bit
TrackIR and dual screen (if needed for testing sometime?)

Best of luck with the UI, from what I seen so far, simple and basic is fine for a alpha/beta.

If you need a tester , i would like to help :)

and i follow this project from a long time ago ... i cant wait!!! :)

i was following all the project but I had nothing to say.

Ok good


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