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With great pleasure I here release my "global special-sound-effects mod" that totally will change
the way how you experience outerra.
Promising too much ? Try it yourself and you won't want to use anymore outerra with its default ambient sounds after you have tried this mod.

download the mod from here :

install by clicking on the self-installing soundscape_global.otx file

The mod will appear under the vehicles menu with a boombox icon. Spawn it wherever you want. Its effects will be global.

This mod adds lots of weather, wind, region, altitude and time dependent ambient and biome sounds to outerra
as well as city and airport sounds and walking, und last but not least ufo-mode climbing, underwater and swimming sounds
to "make you feel" walking inside the outerra world like a game character (while waiting for these to become reality).

Suggestion: use it in combination with my weathermaker mod to rapidly change weather and season and get some stunning weather realism

Here is a collection of raw in-game footage recorded with the mod active,
illustrating the effect of changing location, time, season, weather.
(attention very long video showcasing all effects)

The sound effects include:

biome sounds:
- region dependent, including region-specific forest and river/lake sounds
(europe, africa, south america - rest of the world has default biome sounds).
- seagulls sound near seahsores and lakes
- height dependent
- time of day and season dependent

- windstrength dependent
- height dependent
- snowfall sounds (snow intensity dependent)

walking/swimming sounds
- walk on terrain and dirt
- walking in shallow water
- walking on rocks
- walk in snow

water sounds:
- enhanced seashore wave sounds (wind and seastate dependent)
- enhanced in-sea wave sounds, including storm (wind and seastate and lightning intensity dependent)
- underwater sound
- swimming sound

airport sounds: 
- all italian small airstrips, including the smallest ones
- all italian big airports

worldwide city sounds:
- for most mayor cities some medium and small cities (total 10000 cities)
- time-of-day dependent

info display
-  nearest big and small cities with indications of name, population, distance, heading
- nearest ones highlighted in red
- nearest big and small airports with indications of name, ICAO, distance, heading
- small airstrips in green, nearest ones highlighted in red
- big airports in in cyan , nearest ones highlighted in red
To hide/show again the info text press CTRL + B while inside the boombox

soundscape label
to rapidly find the soundscape controller from far away : press L key while still inside the soundscape controller after spawning it

volume regulation
regulate global soundscape volume while entered the soundscape controller : H and J keys while inside the soundscape controller
(global special-sound-effects intensity is indicated in the left bottom corner of the screen)

important note: the global soundscape is modelled as a vehicle and so its sound intensity relatively to the default outerra ambient sounds (which are still active as well)
is also regulated in the outerra sounds menu by adjusting the vehicles and ambient sound sliders.
I suggest to keep the default sounds as well (needed for rain an thunder sounds)
My preferred settings are 50 % or lower for the outerra default ambient sounds and 50% or higher for vehicles, but reverse may also be good..depends on your ear.

good job, they are sounds more in line with the landscape you are traveling ,,, and the sound of the night is perfect ..

How can I remove and put the letters that you see on the screen. ??

Great job!

Thanks guys !
Sorry I forgot to add the command for removing the text. I added it now so please redownload and reinstall. Thanks !
For removing the letters on the screen , press CTRL+B while inside the boombox. In a future version it might be possible to do this also while in ufo mode but not presently.
Note however that while flying from A to B in a plane having this text is actually very useful as you get" direction and distance to the airports"  (its like having an ADF = automatic direction finder)
of course its bad for videos and screenshots  =|
(awaiting next outerra update)

Can't wait to give it a try.


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