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SPHERE Multifunctional vehicle

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Due to the forced inactivity and confinement "at home" caused by the epidemic of which we are all witnesses and which, especially in Italy, caused enormous inconvenience, I found myself available more free time and I was able to devote myself to passion ( not yet exhausted) to build models for Outerra.

The vehicle I built is the release of the dream of being able to explore the world, at least in a virtual way, in all its aspects and positions, almost without any barrier too evident, a bit like Outerra has accustomed us with its "ufo mode" , but with the addition of a superior (apparent) adherence to reality.

I developed the code exclusively in Javascript, without the support of any DLL and I tried to document its sections ... If you believe that there is some good idea to appropriate ... ...

I noticed that the passion for Outerra does not decrease over time and there are always some enthusiasts who continue to have fun developing new ideas for this fantastic environment.
Especially in this moment there is a great ferment.
I always like the idea of ​​making a contribution.

The explanation of the operation of this model and the various possibilities it is capable of are too vast for this small presentation space: it is more useful to publish the instruction manual link.

To download the complete model:

Good fun !!!   :)

A short movie:

Omg, The magician is back!  Now we have also another magician, fly77. So its very nice to see you are back.

Thank you for your great adition

lol.  Not gonna lie, I was hoping it rolled like a sphere.   :P

magnificent .. thanks
andfly, you have been out of the matrix too long ,,,, please stay ,, many birds are no longer flying, and summer will come soon ...
greetings and welcome home.

Welcome back in outerra ! With an absolutely genius contribution ! Its a lot of fun to explore the outerra world with this fantastic "vehicle" ....a real Game in itself !
I will have to study how it is made very carfully ! The 3D digital numeric displays as well as the holographic screen are absolute masterpieces !  Its a long time that I was wondering how such features could be made it ! It will be the basis for a lot of future mods...

thank you so much of having dedicated your time once again to outerra mods !

 :) :) :)


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