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Abrams tank upgrade, destructible buildings and explosions (release)

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so everything now works all right ?

i will use it when im off of work i cant right now


--- Quote from: fly77 on May 25, 2020, 06:15:46 am ---Haha! Thanks andfly for you special appreciation...but I promise...for a while no more explosions !  ;)
I will probably dedicate my next mod to some more ....relaxed..stuff...or just wait and play..until the next version any model we make now..could break soon it is not guaranteed that the next version will support the same the mods now..! Before its too late !

--- End quote ---
Maybe next mod on a new aircraft? We need more in the sky!

yes maybe...I need to finish my glider with thermals winds and ridge updrafts .

set up a  combat action with several tanks and flaks  !   =D


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