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Abrams tank upgrade, destructible buildings and explosions (release)

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As for the tank gun controlls, I remembered the WHS mod for ARMA3 had a really well done T72B1 gun sighting made. Not sure how many will understand, but the premise ( and it was based on the real thing workings ), there is a red circle, witch indicated the rangefinder laser pos. You would "rad" the target with it to get the distance and the up/down movable gunsight would automatically set its balistics-corrected position on the sight for proper aiming. It also has different profiles for all the munition that is available, so none Is hitting the same and were corrected to aviable data on them to be realistic. Its a oldschool sight and its friendly to be used without the balistic computer and power if necessary  .... Abramses have a much more smarter sight, so they do also on the fly correction to windage at the same time ... also using LCDs so the whole setting textures of the crosshairs didnt have to be a thing ... so making a special overlay for external view ( lets say set an inch before the real sight position on the Abrams , looking like the real deals on-screen would for the gunner ) and as the sight doesn have to move crosshaisr around for this tech spiked traccked box boy, it would just be static on the target, get the data and corrections right and fire pecisely.  ... doe, would need a way to get the rangefinder working. I did see TitanIM had that working well for their guided weapon sighting system sim so, Im sure its already a possible thing.

The russian arma boi sight for refference :

Some Abrams Thermal action :

P.S.: Damn, those destructable buildings give me some old ideas back in my head, it was basically one of the ideas with the old soviet style, generated buildings. As they are "panneled", those pannels could have a few destroyed state models for both static and physics usable debree replacing the correct pannels from the original generated building. ( plus some simple static test, that ould collapse the upper floors if much space in a hi-rise would be destroyed ) Idea was also, that it could have an "fire" simulation. Based on ammount and type of furniture, it would "smoke" the rooms of an appartment one by one ( setting time of burning also on the variables of numbers and types of furniture ), or "jump" over to nearest appartments, where the walls were destroyed between them, replacing the interrior to have a "burned" texture swap after the fire done its job. Its a lot of work on the modelling and texturing part tho.

 But the design of the piecess of the building would allow to make further developement, for piecess of the building be toppled. Simply taking the generated part of the layout that should "topple", replace all the parts with destroyed pannels to form it and spawn them in a "glued" batch as an physical object, that would fall off. 

about gunsights I always struggle to understand how they work in real life and also I have some difficulty in programming gunsights. I tried many times but it never worked out right. ..that's why I settled for the simplest solution, which still includes however ballistics , but at a level of a nobrainer, focussing on having fun rather than simulating the exact real thing.

I am impressed how similar my modular buildings look to those soviet panneled buildings, even when destroyed. Of course I could add "destroyed meshes" to the default elements and show hide selected ones as needed, but as you say its a lot of modelling/texturing work..which I am really bad long as its a simple box I can achieve it...but more than that its too hard for me.  =|
The main problem I have is that there is no static collapse in my buildings once the lower elements tumble the upper ones stay intact, floating in the air.
I tried to see what happens when a lot of elements tumble all at once, and the result is very bad : as could be expected the framerate freezes ! So we cannot simulate tumbling of more than a dozen or so elements at a time. Grouping of elements also is difficult as it would require a lot of different "grouped element 3D models" ...while joining prespawned elements I think will not solve the fps problem as they are still separate elements to be rendered and physics computed. Titan-IM solved it I think by making shift highrise buildings down into the ground like 911 collapse....which looks very comic-style and not at all realistic..or they just hide upper elements. The latter solution seems the more reasonable, but it still requires indexing all elements in an ordered manner from bottom to top, keep track somehow of that indexing, and finally an algoritm that decides exactly which ones to hide. With enough thought the latter eventually could be figured out.



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