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Abrams tank upgrade, destructible buildings and explosions (release)

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dont know if this is just on my end but trouble spawning in multiple and the shell cannon thing idk the long tube thing that compass like thing for it is still stuck on the side when i press enter to get out of the tank

Screenshot please ! I didn't understand whats happening with the tank shell ...and what is the "long tube like thing" ? Anyway if the problem arises only when you spawn a second tank then I can tell you that so far its not possible to spawn 2 or more of the tanks. If it occurs with a single tank please describe with a screenshot in more detail what happens so that I can try to solve it. About the compass like thing..yes it stays on the screen when exiting..but I can change this if needed. By the way the red line indicates the orientation of the gun relative to the tank forward direction and helps you when driving while in gunsight view..otherwise you don't know in which direction you're driving. Also opening the map (m-key) helps to avoid loosing orientation. Of course the best thing when you drive is to use the external view (C) or the drivers view. Another way to drive the tank while having the gunsight active and the gun levelled (P key) is to point the target with the gun..then reorient the tank so that the  red line of the compass (shooting direction) coincides with the blue line  (driving direction) at least you know in which direction you're driving..while keeping the gun levelled and pointed.

Bug fix: Just now (26/5/2020) I modified the tank-upgrade.otx file to correct the "compass" bug ..and also I made a change so that the tank no longer "pauses" when exiting it so that you can leave it in aurtofire mode (press first J to activate the gun ..then K to activate autofire ) so that you can watch it driving and shooting on its record some video.

So:please redownload just the "tank-upgrade.otx" file  from above

A "trick" to get a second tank spawn is the following:

in the username/packages/fly77 folder make a copy of the "abrams_m1a2_fly77" folder and name it "abrams_m1a2_fly77b" for instance..

then in the vehicles menu you will see a second fly77 tank that you can spawn..both are now fully functional and independent you can switch one to autofire mode and try a very primitive tank battle !
The only thing that you can't do yet destroy your twin!  you won't be allowed to destroy your alter-ego !   =D  ...but you can try to immobilize it...creating craters in its way .. ..eventually I will fix that too.

You can try to create an armada of tanks advancing and shooting !  =D  just make enough copies in the package folder.

To keep track where the tanks are it might be convenient to switch on the Label (CTRL+K) for each tank

Also importantly, to be able to use the gunsight zoom for each tank, before exiting a tank you need to go to external view pressing C , otherwise the last tank will "own" the zoom, disabling it on the others.

thanks for the fixes i meant the "tube thing" as the "compass" i have no clue what any of the parts are called on a tank


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