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Thank you, thank you very much .... an authentic gem ..
It still needs to be configured, I have noticed that when I change from MSAA-8X it gives me shadow when turning, but we will have time to get it ready.
a good job from outerra and her team ... hopefully success will come soon.

Now if only my power would stay on (and my computer not die from this).


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I'll probably be done before an answer, but I'm probably gonna do a fresh install (not update).  (That might be the only option for the 64-bit version anyways?  And I should probably do it anyways.)

Should I delete my previous Outerra files - would anything cause a potential conflict?  (coming from 32-bit of course.) (I'd like to make sure my graphics settings reset too.)

Would the new Imagery and Tree "resolutions" (tweaking them up) cause performance decrease (on the client), or is that an effect on download size really?


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